Like It or Not 1010 A Mans World

On LION Like It or Not Episode 1010

Yogi reflects on passing of Chris Cornell, both discuss LaVar Ball sexist comments on The Herd and Greg Popovich generous waiter tipping, and tipping in general.

In Segment two Yogi and Davo welcome, John Grote from ManKind Project (  The discussion between John and Yogi goes deep into what is expected of today’s men, what is means to be a man, and being comfortable “in your own skin.” John, through personal experiences, hits these points hard.  Question and topics that John and Yogi bring up are particularly relevant to our present-day society.  

Lastly, keeping the mood lighter, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ellen Degeneres’s public coming out, Florida’s coke dogs, Davo’s sons upcoming graduation and, Finnish beer Keisari introducing a new case containing over 1000 cans of brew.

Lastly, enjoy Uncle Richard colorful description of using wifi without a router, priceless.

In Uncle Richard We Trust!   Shake it Easy…

Like It Or Not 1009 NFL Draft 2017

Yogi and Davo get in the trenches on opening night of the NFL 2017 Draft in Philadelphia.  You know the feeling at the big concert, the mosh pit, well that’s what you had in Philadelphia, thousands of NFL crazy fans all there to boo the Commish and cheer on their team. It was a lot of fun and we bring it to you, Like It or Not!

Davo and Yogi in the trenches in Philly at the NFL Draft

Like It Or Not 1007 Wedding Photographer

Davo and Yogi jump into the beginning of wedding season and talk to wedding photographer Rob Lettieri, who has photographed over 1,000 weddings.  Like or Not also gets into timely topics involving Barry Manilow, Shug Knight, and the new Monopoly game pieces.  Enjoy at your own risk… Like It or Not!

Like It Or Not 1005 Part 2 Redskins

Yogi and Davo get back at it on Like It or Not.  Its daylight savings time, and we Spring forward and get into the WEEDS of the Redskins, and the week that brought us great clips from Bobby Knight, and Andre Iguodala.  We pick up our conversation with Jack Reher and Kaye L. Morris, finding out Kaye enjoys a good Escape Room or 50.  Finally, Yogi has his Shout Out of the Week to a 5 year old.  We have it all… Like It or Not!

Like It or Not – Oscar Edition

Davo and Yogi would like to thank Kaye L. Morris and J.R. Reher for joining us on this weeks podcast.  There was so much great content that we are going to air it in 2 parts, stay tuned for part 2 in the coming week.

Like It Or Not 1005 Part 1 Take Shelter Now

On this episode of LION – Like It or Not! Davo and Yogi cover Trump kicking out the press, Rob Gronkowski, Tiger Woods and we get insight to Hollywood from La La Land actress, Kaye L. Morris and new TV series, The Look Book, writer and producer, Jack Reher.  Yogi and Davo also look back on found memories down in Daytona Beach.. All this happens as Yogi is in the middle of a hail storm in Scranton.

Like It Or Not 1003 Florida

Ohhh the great Sunshine State, we love Florida and all the fun stories Floridians generate.  This week on LION Like It or Not, we discuss high school national signing day, sushi flavored kit kats, Stevie Wonder, and Joe Buck, and don’t forget a sprinkle of The Donald.. strap on your seat belt, Like It or Not!

LION Like It Or Not Launch

Davo and Yogi work to get the first podcast launched!! Let us know what you think.

Like It or Not 1001 Inauguration 2017

Welcome to LION – Like It or Not!

This is the launching point for Yogi and Davo!  Listen in as they hit the National Mall to get comments and opinions on one of the most significant political days in the past 60 years.  Come along for a wild ride as we bring you news, politics, sports, and entertainment in an unfiltered, off the cuff conversation, Like It or Not!  Shake it easy…

Americans Not Ready for Sucker Punch

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